Are kelp forests diminishing?



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    Many believe kelp forests are diminishing. Karen Edyvane argues “there’s clear evidence that most kelp species, including bull kelp, are diminishing.”

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    Kelp forests are threatened by a number of factors that could potentially diminish or destroy them. The ecosystems in kelp forests are so complex that scientists are still unsure what actions can cause a diminishing in size of a kelp forest. That is why managing a kelp forest is very difficult, and why the kelp forests may be shrinking even though managers cannot figure out what is wrong.

    There are several options to help protect the kelp forests around the world. working to lower the amount of pollution in the ocean will definitely help to preserve kelp forests. Also, naming portions of kelp forest as marine protected areas will help to prevent over-harvesting and exploitation of the ecosystems in kelp forests .

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