Are kangaroo rats still a protected species?



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    There are 23 different species of kangaroo rat, most of which are not threatened. However, the United States is home to two kangaroo rat species that are on the Endangered Species List: the giant kangaroo and Stephens’s kangaroo rat, both native to California.  Because they’re endangered species, they are protected by the Endangered Species Act. There’s still a lot we have to learn about the giant kangaroo rat before we can come up with a clear plan for conservation, however.

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    Yes, kangaroo rats are considered an endangered species. The following are the types of kangaroo rats that are listed as endangered specie: Fresno, Giant, Morrow Bay, Stephens’, Tipton and San Bernadino. 

    The main reason that kangaroo rats are endangered is because they are hunted as prey by other, larger animals. However, man has also played a part in their endangered status, as the kangaroo rat is defenseless against man.

    A kangaroo rat isn’t actually a rat at all; it belongs to the gopher family. The kangaroo rat hops around like a kangaroo, which explains how it got its name.

    Kangaroo Rat:

    Kangaroo Rat

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