Are K-cups better for the environment than regular coffee pots?



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    It’s hardly likely! Here there’s a system where the cheapest brewer costs $80 — which is fantastically expensive compared to the $10 French Press coffee maker I just found on Amazon.

    (And we’ll just leave aside for the moment that French Press coffee is excellent quality compared to a relatively instant, premeasured, preground “convenience” package.)

    K-cups are a culinary disaster. They make home vending machine coffee. A toy for people who really don’t care to understand or improve their food. 

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      Oh, and I might mention … after a French Press … energy efficient brewing, because it allows the grounds to soak w/o additional energy … after the brewing, all that’s left is coffee grounds that can go straight into the garden or into a compost heap. With the K-Stuff, the grounds are “conveniently” trapped in a plastic package. Neither the plastic nor the coffee can easily be recycled.

      That is to say, K-Stuff brewing are both a culinary and environmental mistake.

      Off hand? Having used maybe 15 methods of brewing coffee over the years? The K-Stuff is about the worst, from every perspective. It does nothing that other methods don’t do better. Complete marketing hype.

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