Are invasive species a threat to humans?



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    They threaten human agriculture, they threaten wildlife that is part of the chain of ecology that humans are part of, they disrupt ecosystems. So, yes.

    If you meant do they threaten human life directly, then no, unless the invasive species are bug-eyed monsters from Aldebaran.

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    Yes, invasive species are a threat to humans.  While rigibson is correct in that they threaten agriculture and other native species, some invasive species do pose a threat to human life as well.  Wild boars, an invasive species, have begun to thrive all across the nation because of a lack of natural predators.  As a result, many stories of wild boars attacking hunters have come to light.  While these cases are not the norm, some invasive species are a threat to humans.

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    Adding to what everyone else has mentioned, another invasive species to pose a health threat to humans is the West Nile Virus. I remember this had a lot of news coverage a few years back, but it has seemed to die down a bit. Nonetheless, the West Nile Virus can be deadly to humans, as well as many other types of animal life (birds). This virus has been seen in many parts of America and is spread through mosquitoes. I attached a link at the bottom further explaining other types of invasive species. 

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