are the indoors grown plants such as tomatoes, berries, etc. nutritionally viable?

example: upside-down indoor grown tomato vines



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    I think that the nutritional value of your homegrown produce will depend largely on the quality of your soil. Nutrient-rich soil means nutrient-rich plants! So if you make sure that your indoor plants have healthy, living soil–soil home to earthworms and fungi and microbes–then they should be able to get all the minerals and nutrients that you want in the end.

    Pollan, M. 2008. In Defense of Food. Penguin Press: New York City, NY.

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      as the question originator, i guess you are saying – w/o saying as much – that earthworms probably can’t defy gravity in an upside-down pot. fungi and microbes probably can, but, i don’t think they are present in these commercially available products. thanks for your insight.

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