Are hybrids allowed in all carpool lanes?



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    When former president George W. Bush signed the 2005 transportation bill into law, he gave the go-ahead for states to issue stickers that allow hybrid vehicle drivers to access the carpool lanes. Although it is up to the states to decide if they want to institute this program, many are doing so.

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    “Congressional legislation by lawmakers from California would let states make their own rules for hybrids in car pool lanes.” Some states like New Jersey grant solo drivers in hybrids access to carpool lanes.

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    Different states have different laws regarding hybrids in carpool lanes. In California, special stickers allow 85,000 solo-driven hybrids (mainly Toyota Priuses) into the state’s high-occupancy vehicle lanes, but they expire at the end of next year. States are deciding on their new law for this topic since more and more hybrids are on the road every day.

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