Are humming birds territorial?



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    Yes, hummingbirds are extremely territorial, keeping around a quarter-acre of feeding ground carefully guarded from other birds, especially males. They will attack and fight for their territory, though seldom do any lasting damage. The one exception is mating. Females are attracted to a male with a nice land holding. A male will fight off a female repeatedly until she mates with him; after that she is allowed to remain in his territory.

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    Yes, they can be very territorial. Adult males may actually attack other male hummingbirds physically in order to protect their area. Additionally, females defend their nesting grounds, and young males are extremely protective of food sources.

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    In my personal experience yes. There are hummingbirds that have lived at my home for a while. If you get near the feeder we set up they start chirping up a storm and flying near your face.

    There is also a clear hierarchy. The male hummingbird is the aggressive one and will drive off other birds in the area. If a male hummingbird has a good pad the female hummingbirds will flock to them. They drive the females off until they decide to mate.

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