Are humans soley responsible for climate change?



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    The vast majority of scientists agree that human activity is responsible for the speed of the currently observed climate change.
    Climate change has been occurring naturally for millions of years, but its effects are not normally observable over a short period of time (100 yrs).

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    No not really. There are also volcanoes which release many and many tons of greenhouse gases as well as wildland fires, and water vapor trapping heat at the earth’s surface. As a whole, the natural causes pale in comparison to the anthropogenic (man-made) causes. There is also a natural cycle to Earth, and it sometimes gets hotter and sometimes gets cooler, usually producing miniature ice ages and glaciation.

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    No, we aren’t. Greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor are naturally occurring and actually essential for sustaining life on Earth. Without them, the planet would probably be too cold to support life. However, scientists have found that since the Industrial Revolution, there have been huge increases in the amount of these gasses, with the addition of some new ones. For example, the amount of methane (which has 20 times the warming power of carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere has risen 152% since the Industrial Revolution. This increase of and addition of new greenhouse gasses has and continues to cause warning beyond the scope of what would normally occur without human interference.

    That being said, warming to the extent that we are seeing now has occurred naturally before, during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum due to an unknown sudden release of carbon into the air.

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