Are humans ever used in the testing of new medical products?



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    Yes.  Clinical trials test potential medical drugs on people who get paid to volunteer in them.  They are protected by the FDA and are well-informed of the risks before participating.

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    Yes.  However, they are consentual.  Most people who agree to test new medical products are compensated for their help.  They also have to sign release forms and other legal documents.

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    Yes, and the monetary compensation is usually more than enough to get many willing participants.  However, beforehand the person is screened to make sure they are healthy enough and live a certain lifestyle that does not complicate the tests of the products. Some tests even require people to stay several nights in a facility where everything they do, include sleeping, is closely monitered and regulated.

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    If you are lucky enough to live in one of the 19 states where it is legal, see your primary care provider or whatever you have to do and ask for their advice. Marijuan is a relatively harmless herb. Ypu don’t have to smoke it. You can use it in extracted oils and butters for cooking or in a tincture as well as candies sodas and icecream!

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    Yes.  I’ve participated in several.  They involve a couple weekends, usually, spaced about two weeks apart.  As noted in other answers, you are screened first for toxins, drugs (recreational or medical), blood type, and numerous other factors.  If you clear these hurdles (with a relatively pristine system), you will be informed of your eligibility to participate.

    The testing itself is generally quite harmless.  They may be comparing the effectiveness of a new blood pressure reducer against an established one.  Half the group gets one pill of one product, the other half gets the other.  It’s double-blind; no one knows who got which, only the organizers.

    Then come the blood draws, first frequently, then further apart, over the next day and a half.  Up to about 15 to 25 may be done.  After it’s done, you go home, and return in two weeks, and the drug administration is reversed; whichever you got the first time, you get the other.  The routine repeats.  Lots of sitting around, watching TV, playing pool.  Lots of blood draws.  The food, however, is generally quite good, and very tightly controlled, portion-wise.   Everyone must be equal.

    At then end of it all, you get your cheque for anywhere between about $1,100 to $2,500, depending on the type of study.  In Canada, that money is tax-free.  Go out and buy that large-screen TV you’ve been wanting, now.


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