Are humans ever born without arms?



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    Some people indeed are born without limbs. One of the most common reasons for this was the use of a drug called thalidomide back in the 1960s by pregnant women. The drug was supposed to help with morning sickness, but instead caused birth defects, the most common being the lack of arms or legs. It was soon banned after this was discovered, but has been re-allowed to treat leprosy and there are currently studies on its effectiveness at treating symptoms of AIDS and other diseases.

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    Some humans are definitely born without arms. Besides thalidomide, other risk factors for congenital limb defects are other medications, exposure to viruses, or uterine conditions. In the UK, there were were about 9 infants born with congenital limb defects per 10,000 births in 2002.

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    Some humans are born with such defects. On the opposite spectrum, did you see this infant born in India last year with 8 limbs? Some believe her birth is particularly auspicious because multiple Hindu gods are represented with several arms. See the link below for a news clip.

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    Congenital amputation is a condition in which babies are born with part or all of their limbs missing.  A baby could be born with a finger missing or an arm or leg.  The causes of congenital amputation are largely unknown but exposure to tetratogens or a tight uterine space have been suspected.  The usual treatment for this condition is plastic surgery or prosethetics.

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