Are humans to blame for the death of the honey bee?



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    The deaths of honey bees is being called “Colony Collapse Disorder” and the cause of CCD is still not entirely known. The most common theory right now is that a collection of pathogens may be killing off the bees. If it’s these viruses then no, it’s probably not our fault. Other theories for the cause of CCD are cell phone signals and pesticides. Though these would be the fault of mankind, they are not the dominant theories. Scientists have found that honey bees seem to be battling off several different viruses that are contributing to the deaths. What these viruses are and how to fight them is still a mystery. The good news is that CCD seems to be declining recently.

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    In some cases humans may be blamed when they (humans) kill honeybees to take away honey.

    Another factor may be as a result of the presence of some disease pathogens like nematodes. Sometimes lizards play a major role.

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    see also a dozen or more previous answers

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    it really is not caused mainly by human, we take honey from them but not always kill it. remember that us are attacked by them! Maybe the cause comes from the natural selection.

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