Are human brains getting smaller in size?



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    As humans continue to evolve, our brains are actually getting smaller. Today’s human brain is 10% smaller than the brains of humans 20,000-30,000 years ago. There are different opinions on this issue: some say it is a dumbing-down process, while others believe that it is an increase in tolerance. More information can be found at the website provided.

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    About 30,000 year ago the human brain started to decrease in size.  As eliw92 said, there are many theories about why.  One theory is that while the brain is smaller, it is also more efficient.  While the entire brain has shrunk, the cerebellum has grown, allowing people to process information quicker.

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    Yes human brains are getting smaller in size, and another theory as to why, is that as our societies have become larger and more agricultural in the last 5,000 -10,000 years, as oppossed to a hunter-gatherer and more solitary lifestyle,  we are able to rely on other people for more things.  This allows us to specialize our behavior to a greater extent, and we may mean that we do not need certain portions of our brains as much.  This could also tie into the increased tolerance opinions which is primarily related to a reduction in and need for overall aggression.

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