Are huge green parks the only solution to increase the green spaces in the city ??



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    Huge green parks are not the only solution to creating green space in a city, although they are probably the best.  Sports fields of all types (baseball, soccer, and even golf course) can be funded by private money and still add green space to a city.  A way to help keep green space in a city is to protect natural wetlands and natural habitats, but that won’t technically add green space to a city.

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    Certainly not; in fact it would probably be more safe and beneficial to integrate green spaces in small 3D spaces and nooks, such as walls, roofs, and green belts. New advances in vertical gardening offer systems with plants growing sideways, rooted into woven walls. Rooftop gardening offers unblocked sunshine and productive gardens. There are a few problems with massive parks in cities. For one, they can be very unsafe for joggers and late-night strollers. Another reason is that they are less accessible and less integrated into the city, two things that should be important when designing urban green space.

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    I prefer what we call “pocket parks” , small 1-2 acre areas of mowed grass that are distributed city-wide to provide green spaces where children can play that are close to their residences.  Unfortunately, child safety and liability concerns are often cited as reasons not to create parks of any size.  These issues can be resolved, but it requires commitment by the citizens and their local government for parks to be created and maintained.

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