are hovercrafts contributing to sustainable development

for a science fair project with a theme “projects for sustainable development”. am building a leaf blower hovercraft.



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    As a whole, hovercraft have not proved to have a major role in transportation. The largest commercial service, which was across the English Channel, closed in 2000 after 32 years.

    However hovercraft are still useful in limited situations, including some with where they minimize damage to environments.

    It’s ten weeks since you asked the question, so probably your project is finished. But if you are still interested, let me suggest a design direction. Supposing you designed a hovercraft specifically with the purpose of keeping environmental damage to a minimum? It might have especially big skirts? Low volume, gentle downdraft? Use alternative fuels? And here’s a radical idea I’ll just throw out there: Since they are developing a combination jet aircraft and dirigible, could a combination hovercraft and dirigible be useful?

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