are houses a negative impact on land?



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    Yes, they can be. If a huge swath of land is deforested to create new housing without leaving adequate vegetation cover, the soil could be damaged. If a method like bulldozing is used, the topsoil might be destroyed. Additionally, if land in a natural wetland area is filled in, water drainage is affected, and flooding could occur, furthering erosion problems.

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    Yes. When people build large single-family dwellings (A.k.A houses), they take up a lot more space than small multi-family dwellings. Many cities are trying to get more multi-family dwellings built instead of single-family dwellings. In addition to all the problems that chelseyzellita mentioned, single-family homes use more energy than multi-family homes. In multi-family dwellings with shared walls, the energy required for heating and cooling is lower per unit. The advantage of living right next to someone in unfavorable weather conditions is that their home provides the ultimate insulation for your home.

    However, single-family homes can be made more environmentally friendly by gardening and putting solar panels on the roof.

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