Are houses built on stilts more eco friendly for any reason?



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    Houses built on stilts actually can be more eco friendly than other design plans, and not just for the obvious reason of flood prevention. They offer a more natural ventilation of winds around the structure, which in turn can help regulate the interior temperature more naturally which will keep energy costs down.  Some companies, like actually help design a stilt structure to maximize the efficiency of a stilt house.  

    On the other hand, you’ve got to start with a level surface before you build, so you might spend more in relocating earth than you save in energy bills. Stilt housing structures also often have stricter zoning requirements for construction, so it’s best to ask your local planning office before getting stated. 

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    Houses build on stilts that are very energy efficient friendly. Mos stilt built homes save plnety of energy and is very safe to live in too. for example, the Anderson architects would design a number of prototypes and prefabrication systems creatively exploring new construction that is afforable building with eco-friendly products. Some example of eco-friendly products would be made out of bamboo, logs and steel. They have contributed to many designs in eco-cottages and ecosteel. 

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