Are horses enviromentally friendly?



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    How eco-friendly horses are depends on how environmentally they are cared for first of all. As with anything there are greener ways to do things than others, so that should be the first starting point.

    However, nowadays, with everyone looking for greener alternatives to ways of doing things, one way the horses are helping with the green revolution, is with transportation. 

    They are being pushed as an eco-friendly alternative to school buses and garbage trucks. France is leading the way using horses as an alternative transport. They have set up a horse-drawn route to collect glass bottles in a seaside town. They are expecting 30 more towns to adopt the use of horses as an alternative to fuel run vehicles in the months to come. 

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    Greenveganyogini makes excellent points.

    I find it most exciting that towns are adopting the idea of using horses instead of garbage trucks. France is not the only country doing this either; Brussels, Belgium is using 2 horses currenly and hoping to get more. And speaking of France, there are 60 towns who are already implimenting horses for garbage .. 60!!!!!! This is a quote from the second article..

    “For Jean Baptiste, mayor of medieval Peyrestortes, near Perpignan and one of 60 towns now using horses to collect waste, the benefit above all is practical. “You can’t turn a waste collection vehicle around here. We used to block streets to traffic and keep waste in open skips.”

    Now, back to the question.. are horses eco friendly?

    The manure is perfectly usable for composting and using for farming/gardening but lets keep in mind that each horse produces up to 9 tons of manure every year. If you cannot find use for it yourself (6-8 months for degrading or up to 2 years if not properly airated), you will have to find a farmer to come and truck it away. The worst thing that could happen is the manure will contaminate water. It is crutial that this does not happen.Link below

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