Are horse trainers ever sited for animal cruelty?



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    Yes.  Unfortunately, given the amount of people and animals out there, there is always bound to be someone who is not taking good care of their pets.  Though perhaps not as common as cruelty towards dogs or cats, cases of animal cruelty involving horses still occur.  Here is one such story, and I warn you, it is pretty sad…

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    Yes, horse cruelty occurs a lot, even by trainers! Some trainers, will beat horses for misbehaving or not performing to the satisfaction of the trainer. Trainers will also starve horses for the same reasons, including the reason that trainers who are keeping horses for their clients may be short on money and feed far less than they should in order to save money. Horse trainers, perhaps most commonly race horse trainers, will give horses steroids to perform better. Steroids aren’t healthy for the horses, and are especially bad for when trainers give them to injured horses so that the horse can still perform for the event, but when the event is over and the drug fades, the pain returns to the horse, often worse, and the injury is also worse. There is horse and animal cruelty all over the place if you look for it, or even if you don’t. The important thing is that you’re aware so that you can notify authorities if you see it being done, and so that you don’t do it yourself. And also, so you don’t become depressed on the subject, look at all of the loving owners and trainers out there!

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    Owners and trainers aren’t exempt from punishment, either.  After finding horses in poor condition at his farm, New York state authorities cited prominent horseman Ernie Paragallo with animal cruelty and gave him the maximum sentence.

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    Just last month, of this year, a horse trainer in Ohio was found guilty of cruelty against her horses. Although, the account given did not elaborate on the specifics of abuse, it was noted that 4 horses had suffered to the point of death. In consequence, the trainer was forced to give up her license, spend several days in jail and on house arrest as well as be on probation for the next 5 years.  

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