Are horse hair mattresses good for the environment?



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    Horsehair mattresses are better for the environment than most of their counterparts.  The foam, rubber, or latex used in a lot of mattresses is not only incredibly difficult to safely dispose of, but can also be a tremendous skin irritant and allergen.  Because horse hair is extremely resilient and all natural, you are not exposing yourself or your environment to more synthetic material.  I’ve read the hair is taken from freshly slaughtered horses and is then curled to create the mattress.  It is thoroughly cleansed though so there shouldn’t be an allergic reaction.

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    Based on the information I could find on horse hair mattresses they do seem to be pretty good.  It looks like these mattresses are mostly hand crafted, thus it would require less energy to make one.  Additionally, the horse hair seems to be stuffed inside the mattresses with the springs replacing any other filling that might be man made and non-decomposable.  So it appears these mattresses will use less energy and be more compostable than a traditional mattress.
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