Are horse-hair mattresses better for the environment?



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    Conventional mattresses are filled with polyurethane foam and polyester then treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Horse-hair mattresses, on the other hand, are largely comprised of natural fibers that offer firm support for decades without potentially dangerous chemicals.

    “The deal with the horsehair is that they shave off the mane and process it for two years. They boil it, clean it, dry it and twist it into a rope. After two years, they untwist it and it becomes this very dense and springy material; perfect for mattress stuffing. Each hair has a natural airshaft so it’s completely breathable. Horsehair wicks perspiration away and repels dust mites.”

    Additionally, horse-hair mattresses often contain organic latex and an organic cotton cover, making them a more environmentally conscious choice. WJ Southard Mattress touts horse-hair as “furniture’s most natural fiber.”

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