Are horse drawn carriages a good green alternative transportation?



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    There are benefits to this method of transporation. It is better for the environment, but then the cost of upkeep for the horse is a great deal higher than for a vehicle. A horse has to be continually fed, has to be allowed breaks, and a carriage would move slowly and take up a lot of space on the road. This would cause irritation in other users of the road. Plus, many would not be able to afford this method of transportation. With the advances in technology we will find a solution to our modern transportation dilemma that will be good both for the environment and for our wallets.

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    when ever threre is a debate for alternative source of energy, always people talk about some alternative source again from nature, another way of doing the same thing.Why people dont talk about using the energy in in its natural form?. I feel a horse driven carriage a great way of transportation.  I see many posts bragginging about “messy roads”with horse poop and urine, Do you think it is harming you in anway? Do you think it is poisonous tha the gasses your vehicle is giving out? if you want to know the truth these animal poop works as a disinfectant and has been used in history as protection of house. think fro the horse point of view you have made this world so mucj messy, that you are self is not able to survive. Think mates let us learn to live and adjust with nature. Dont define your own rules, learn to live by the rules defined by nature, After all you have already proved you are too messy

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    In addition to the costs associated with horse-drawn carriages as a mode of transportation, horses require a lot of space to be healthy and well cared for.  They require space to move around and lie down, as well as clean and safe stalls – the stalls would need to have sprinklers to protect them against fires, and they would probably need to be insured.

    Many cities have banned horse-drawn carriages for these reasons (Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Paris and Beijing are among them).  New York City, which still has horse drawn carriages, is looking to outlaw them for a variety of public health and safety reasons.

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