Are homemade laundry detergents better for the environment than store bought, “eco-friendly” detergents?



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    Yes.  Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but generally they are for several reasons.

    1. Less energy wasted in making it
    2. Less packaging used
    3. No energy wasted on a supply chain
    4. You can choose less toxic ingredients

    The only real argument for the store bought detergents is effectiveness.  An effective detergent, particularly one that works in cold water is going to be more efficient (less energy & water used).  That being said I have had good luck with a hand made detergent that I got from these folks.  It all depends on how dirty you get and with what.  As long as your clothes are actually getting cleaned in one wash and not using a very toxic chemical, using a homemade detergent is going to be greener than the greenest store bought detergent.

    Here are some recipes to make your own:

    If you are going to go to the store here are some resources:

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