Are home grown vegetables healthier than the ones you buy at the store?



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    This can depend. There are now many vegetables in the stores that are organic. However, if you grow the vegetables yourself, you can choose to not use pesicides or other harmful chemicals. You can give your plants much attention, ensuring that they are waters and have ample sunshine. Furthermore, you can harvest your vegetables when they are ready to eat. Many fruits or veggies sold in the stores are harvested before they are ripe (so they will not spoil before you get them home).

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    I have little information to back up the following statement, but I do believe it to be true to a certain degree and it is challenging to address using the scientific method. There is a certain amount of “life” that is in freshly harvested fruits and vegetables that fades when food is transported long distances, picked before it ripens, is ripened artificially etc. Plants convert the sun’s energy into energy that nourishes our bodies and you can certainly taste the difference between freshly harvested and stored produce.  What exactly is the mechanism through which home grown, freshly harvested produce are healthier than store-bought produce? I can’t say precisely, but I imagine it comes in the form of vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients amongst other things.

    It can be backed through data and research that foods grown on nutrient poor soils, are then themselves nutrient poor. The converse is true as well, foods grown on nutrient rich soils, with a healthy balance of all the micronutrients, are nutritionally rich as well. So, to the degree that home gardeners are able to ensure high quality soil better than large scale farmers, it would then follow that home grown veggies are healthier than store bought veggies that come from large-scale farms that focus little on maintaining soil health.

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