Are home forlcosures bad for the environment?



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    To be honest, a home foreclosure can go both ways in this sense.

    If the home has been foreclosed and vacated, then the utilities have been shut off so the environment is not being affected by burning gas/propane, wasted electricity or water usage.

    However, an empty home is a waste of space and is now being neglected. The landscape can promote weeds that can be bad for the surrounding area because no one is there to keep them out. A vacant home is an ideal location for vandals that can harm the environment in their actions. A house that is empty can also have stale air that is not being circulated. This would assist in the growth of mildew and other toxic organisms in the home. This would then spread and harm the environment as well.

    This shows that it can go both ways. At this point you have to way the differences and decide for yourself.

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