Are hiar products bad for the environment?



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    The hair products widely used today harm the environment in several ways, first of all in the immense amount of plastic used to package them, much of which ends up in a landfill. Like all mass-produced products, the gasoline and electricity it takes to ship them around the country and the world makes a large carbon footprint.

    Hair products also have a few effects specific to them. Many of the chemicals in them are considered toxic to humans and animals: not only do these get sent into the air by aerosol sprays, but when you take a shower to wash them out they get into the water system. Although the doses you receive from these chemicals in a single use is too small to do harm, many of them bio-accumulate, which means they will remain in your system as well as those of any living things they come into contact with. Many of these chemicals are also made from fossil fuels.

    There are some more naturally-made hair products on the market, but it pays to read the label because “green” or “eco-friendly” can often be misleading.

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