Are helicopters or planes worse for the environment?



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    Helicopters get about four times worse fuel efficiency when measured in the metric equivalent of MPG used PER PERSON (I’m finding figures measured in “liters per 100 kilometers per passenger” —what on earth does that mean? is tough to figure out  … see the second link for a decent explanation) For a Helicopter you have 11.9 litres per 100 km per passenger and for an Airbus (a type of commercial plane) you have 3 litres per 100 km per passenger, according to Wikipedia. But another fact says that a helicopter can fly for about an hour using only 50 gallons of fuel or so; But according to Boeing, an airplane uses a gallon of fuel every second! That’d be a comparison of 50 : 3600 gallons of fuel. Comparing the helicopter to the plane its 50 gal per hour to 3600 gal per hour! So let’s do some ratios. First divide. 3600 -:- 50 = 72   And now think, can a plane hold 72 times as many people as a helicopter?  If a helicopter can hold 10 people in it (they say that particular type of single engine helicopter only holds 6 passengers), then that means a plane would have to hold 720 people in it to be just a fuel efficient (per person!). So, in the end, I really don’t know, it seems like it depends a lot on variables, and in some cases the plane will win out and in some cases the chopper will win out. With statistic you can bend the truth any way you want, but the real truth is they are both pretty bad for the environment, and will probably one day be replaced by some more efficient means of travel. (if we were still using the good old wind sail to get back and forth across the oceans we wouldn’t be in this mess!). 

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