Are harmful chemicals only found in imported toys?



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    Not at all.  The harmful plastic BPA has yet to be outlawed from children’s products, and the United States is very lax about regulating chemicals in general. 

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    No – there are many harmful products created and developed right here in the United States.  Some are not just harmful, but produced by environmentally unsound practices.  There is a link below that features green toys and the company is located in California.  It can be difficult to buy green toys because there are a lot of safety issues with children.  It should not present a choking hazard, it must be easy to clean or be sterilized in some manner, it should not contain hazardous materials or chemicals because babies put everything in their mouths, it should stimulate with color and design, it should not have rough, sharp, pointed edges or other areas where a baby can fall and injure themselves, and the list goes on.  So it has been easier and cheaper for toy manufacturers to simply use BPA plastics when making toys, but as parents become more educated about the dangers more manufacturers will create better and safer toys.

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