Are hansen sodas a green soda company?



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    Greenopia asked this very same question and came to the conclusion that just because Hansen’s makes natural sodas and beverages, doesn’t make it green. Here is what they have to say:

    “Green Efforts:
    Hansen’s makes a variety of different beverages including soda, juice, and energy drinks. It’s focus, however, are its natural sodas which, as the name suggests, are made from natural ingredients and are free from artificial flavors and colors. Hansen’s also offers a variety of organic products including juices (under its Blue Sky line) and juices. Organic products are safer for the environment and are better for personal consumption.

    Green Issues:
    As with many beverage companies, Hansen’s has not significantly improved its packaging to be greener, but it still uses the typical cans and bottles. We were also unable to find any information that suggests that Hansen’s incorporates any elements of green building design in its offices or plants. Lastly, Hansen’s does not publish any sort of public sustainability report.

    Ingredient Analysis:
    Overall Hansen’s products are very good in terms of being free of any questionable ingredients. In its main lines the only ingredient of any concern is sucralose. However, its energy line does not fare as well and has substances like corn syrup, caffeine, and sucrose. But, these ingredients are fine for most people in moderation.

    Greenopia Verdict:
    Hansen’s makes a good natural soda, but could still stand to improve its packaging and facilities to be greener.”

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