Are grizzly bears still on the endangered species list?



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    Grizzly bears have few enemies except other bears and humans, when they fo wandering into camp grounds. Grizzlies are hunted primarily as game animals throughout Western Canada in spring and fall. They are illegally hunted by both the landowners seeing the bears as a threat to their livestock, and poachers interested in their hides, teeth, claws and internal organs for the Asian medical market. In 1985, an estimate of grizzlies were 1,200 in Alberta, 6,500 in British Columbia and 4,000 to 5,000 in Northwest Territories. The population is gradually skrinking. 

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    Grizzly bears are listed as “Threatened” on the Endangered Species List. The International Union for Conservation of Nature gives it a “Least Concern” status and says the population is stable. 

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