Are grey whales currently endangered?



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    As an entire species, the grey whale is categorized as “least concern” meaning not endangered. However, the western subpopulation is categorized as “critically endangered”

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    According to the US Fish and WIldlife Services, grey whales were listed as endangered in 1970, but since 1994, they’ve been delisted and posted as recovered.

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    Yes. One population of the gray whale is listed as “critically endangered.” The gray whales of Western North Pacific have only 100 animals left. The North Atlantic population is extinct. Finally, the whale population in the Eastern North Pacific has recovered and was taken off the endangered species list in 1994.

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    Yes the gray whale was endangered. Since 1995 the gray whales of the Eastern Pacific have been able to recover many of their numbers. Although the whales are no longer on the endangered species they are not out of trouble. Commercial whaling seems to be the largest problem facing their survival.

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