Are pets green?



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    Pets actually have the equivalent carbon footprint (or paw print) of another family member, which means they are actually pretty bad for the environment by using up resources and adding pollution. So, how ‘green’ your pet is depends entirely on how you raise them, such as what kind of food you buy, whether you use biodegradable poop bags, whether you leave lights on for them, etc.
    It should be noted that I’m specifically referring to dogs and cats, not birds and fish. Other pets are likely greener than dogs and cats, but again, how ‘green’ they are depends on how they’re raised.

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    Some scientists are questioning the environmental cost of owning a pet, saying that pet lovers have a higher carbon footprint than people without pets. There are an estimated 20m domestic cats and dogs..Green Pets is a locally-owned pet store specializing in all-natural pet foods. We heard about Green Pets through our vet in Georgetown. She recommended that we try natural foods for our cat. The vet informed us that cats should be eating a raw diet with no grains such as corn or wheat as if they were still in the wild.

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    There are more eco-friendly ways to care for your pet. The number one way being adopting from a shelter, which saves lives and discourages pure breeders from over-breeding, sometimes saving the lives of pets that have been overbed. You can also buy any kind of pet product, including toys or food, that are made in a more sustainable way. 

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    Here are some other sustainable tips for your beloved dog or cat:

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