Are Green Sea Turtles Monogamous?

I can’t find any internet sites that have been able to tell me. I am doing a school project on them and I need the information.



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    Mating every 2 – 4 years in shallow, sandy waters, close to shore, Green Sea Turtles are not monogamous.  Green Sea Turtels, named for its skin color, live in tropical / subtropical waters.  The females nest the eggs, typically nesting on the same beach as their mothers use(d).  The Green Sea Turtle is endangered and critically endangered in some areas.

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    Sea turtles are not monogamous. Female sea turtles mate with several males before laying eggs. They store the sperm from these copulation events for months at a time, and so the eggs that female lays are fertilized with the sperm of several different male sea turtles. While this practice increases genetic diversity and may increase chances of survival, the mating is generally a very aggressive practice and the females wind up bleeding with scratched shells. Not very nice.

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