Are green jobs difficult to find?



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    I think it depends a lot on what you mean by a “green job.”  If you mean, “a job in the green industry” I would say no, because the green industry is expanding and has become more important/relevant to a lot of people, which means there will be more jobs in the field.  However, if you mean “a job in a non-environmental industry that encourages green practices or attempts to reduce wastefulness,” then it might be more difficult, since “going green” is not always cost-effective.  Big businesses more often concern themselves with profits than environmental impact.  Obviously, it’s also going to depend a lot on your personal experience level and your persistence in finding a job that satisfies your green needs.

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    As TristinTonias said, it depends on what field you are going into.  Many people want to work as Park or Forest Rangers, so the competition is high in those areas.  Other environmental fields may not be as competitive, such as toxic waste management.  Consider what you like to do and what your skills are; there is likely a way to combine your interests and skills with environmental work.

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    It really depends on the industry you want to work in. There are more “green” restaurants that mining companies. But it also depends on where you live, there will probably be more demand for say, a solar panel technician, in Arizona than Washington. Be sure to look into whether or not a prospective employer recycles or is otherwise energy efficient. 

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    I agree with the answers above; depending on what industry you want to become a part of, there can be multiple “green” jobs. Depending on what career you want to have and what your passions/ skills are, you should try to connect those things to a “green” job. For example, Anderson Cooper is one of the more well-known journalists right now, and has something of a “green” job. Depending on what you want to do, you could have a “green” job in discovering the next alternative energy source or a job in building the next fuel-efficient vehicle.

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