Are green airlines an example of greenwashing?



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    Not necessarily.  At the moment, many airlines offer the option to make your flight “carbon-neutral” by offsetting the carbon emissions by donating to programs that work on sustainable technology or projects that don’t contribute to, or take away from, carbon emissions.  This is the only way that an airline could begin to call itself “green” but even then, not everyone pays to offset emissions and the truth is that hundreds of pounds of fuel per passenger is used on the shortest flight.

    The intention is good, at least.  And most airlines are putting money into R&D for alternative energies and fuels to power the plane.  Until airlines reach that distant, unforseeable point in the future when they actually are carbon-neutral and are fueled by clean energy, it’s a joke to call them “green”.  Still, they all do recognize that whether their intentions are pure or not, they need to get on the bandwagon of alternative energy research and do what they can to reach that future of green air travel.

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