Are goats good lawn mowers?



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    Having several goats in your yard would allow one not to use a lawn mower anymore. Goats consume grass at a fairly high rate. If not careful though, goats can eat the entire lawn, down to the soil.

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    Goats will eat brush, leaves, twigs, and other food first, only turning to grass when there’s nothing else left. They also don’t eat each plant down to a nub and move on; instead, they pick off the flower heads so the plant can’t go to seed, and eat the leaves so it can’t photosynthesize. But they’ll leave the stalk, which holds the soil in place, preventing erosion. This makes the plant work overtime just to stay alive, giving native or more desirable plants a chance to grow. Goats also naturally fertilize, and as they roam, their tough hooves stomp the pellets into the soil. And their nitrogen-enriched urine helps balance the minerals in the soil. And, notably, they’ll eat just about anything, including plants that are poisonous to other animals.

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