Are GMO’s banned anywhere in the United States?



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    GMOs are not banned anywhere in the US. The top three crops grown in the US, in terms of volume are corn, soybean and cotton. about 60-95% of these crops grown are genetically modified. There also isn’t a national standard or requirement for the labeling of GMO products. 

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    As majphan said, they are not banned by any laws. However, local food cooperatives often ban GMOs from their shelves. A cooperative is a consumer-run grocery store. People who shop there also purchase shares in the company so that they get to have a say in what goes on the shelves. Cooperatives often have annual elections for board members who make the big decisions about what to put on the shelves. So, essentially GMOs are banned in some areas in the United States… it’s just that they’re banned in little grocery stores rather than whole states or cities. 

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