Are gluten free diets safer than carbohydrate free diets?



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    Gluten-free diets still allow for some carbohydrates, while carbohydrate free-diets get rid of most natural gluten sources.  It depends on what your goals are, but I’d say that gluten-free diets are a bit better just because they allow for some carbohydrates.  Carb-rich foods are often high in fiber and other beneficial components. 

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    In terms of going on a diet to lose weight or gain health benefits, a Gluten free diet isn’t necessarily your best choice. The majority of people on Gluten free diets are doing so because they are gluten sensitve, and have to be careful, not because they are actually “dieting”, similar to how people allergic to soy have soy free diets. Neither is really safer than the other, unless you’re allergic to gluten itself.

    I hope this helped!

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