Are glow sticks harmfull to your vehicles paint?

I want to break a glow stick and show tha designs by splattering the material inside tha glow stick to have fun with my gfs lil brother and sister. i need to kno if its harmfull to tha paint or would it leave marks on my windows and what would be tha effect of havn some on tha inside. please respond asap for later fun! 🙂 thanx!



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    I’m not sure if they’ll damage a car’s outside paint job (I can’t see why they would, but I’m not 100% sure), but they do stain fabrics, so watch out for the car’s interior and your clothes.  Also, be careful breaking the sticks around small children. Glowstick fluid isn’t poisonous enough to kill you, but it can burn your skin and make you very sick to your stomach if you swallow any. 

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