Are glass containers better for the environment than plastics?



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    Although people are always going on about the detriments of plastic, glass can actually cause more harm to the environment.  Glass consumes three times more energy than plastic, from production to transportation (it’s much heavier).  Glass also produces three times more air pollution, 3 times more greenhouse gases, and 40% more environmental waste than plastic.  It seems that plastic does has some advantages over glass besides convenience and price.

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    Plastic can be harmful to you and to the environment if it leaches chemicals into the product it is holding or the atmosphere.  Sometimes it has PVC and pthalates in it, which are toxic and harmful if released into the air.  Plus, if not recycled/recyclable it is quite damaging.  67% of glass is recycled versus only 54% of plastic.

    However, a study done by Carnegie Mellon University’s Green Design Institute in 2008 showed that glass has drawbacks of its own.  It takes almost two times the energy to produce $1 million worth than plastic, produces almost three times the air pollutants, and producing 1000 glass bottles creates seven times the greenhouse gases of 1000 plastic bottles.

    So, which is better?  It seems that if you have the option to buy PET 1 plastic, that is the best way to go: it has no PVC, doesn’t leach out chemicals, uses 30% fewer resources than normal plastic, is lightweight, 100% recyclable, and doesn’t use toxic chemicals during manufacture.

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