Are glaciers around the worlds receding?



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    Yes; scientists agree pretty universally that most glaciers are receding, which poses a serious problem, especially for the millions of people who rely on glaciers for water.


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    Receding glaciers in the mountains leave a very defined ‘tide mark’ of where they used to be. I live in the Austrian Alps, and have been to Himalaya and the Andes, and I have yet to see a glacier without a tide mark – even Perito Morano in Argentina which is said to be stable.

    Remember that a glacier can still lose volume even if it is growing in length. The average Austrian glacier is losing about 17m in length per year and between 2 and 4m in thickness.

    The volume of Austrian glaciers has reduced by roughly 2/3 since 1860 even though they have lost ‘only’ about a third of surface area

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