Are politics getting in the way of a green united states?



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    Definitely, but the bigger culprit is private industry, namely Big Energy. Any industry that perceives it has something to lose from a green USA will oppose the change to becoming more eco-friendly. There also is an individual element, not every American is going to want to give up their gas guzzler. Politicians have to appease their voters with jobs and gas guzzlers, or they won’t get elected. That means advocating for the status quo instead of change, because change could mean loss of jobs and the freedom to drive whatever car you want.

    Everyone is culpable, it’s easier for most people to prefer a less-than-ideal but stable world, to a possibly better but possibly more chaotic world. Government exists to perpetuate order and stability. Fear of change helps reinforce order by opposing change, even if it might be a good change.

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    Undoubtedly. But as mentioned above, it is not so much the politicians themselves so much as special interests. Energy companies that stand to lose business from green technologies (or be replaced all together) have tremendous clout in Washington, D.C. and abroad, and using their lobbyist teams to keep the ball in their courts. Also, many green technologies in development provide “make your own energy” services, like solar power, and would increase the amount of people who no longer need to pay for their energy. These companies have influence over the politicians through campaign donations and other incentives to have them rule in the companies’ favor, which is a problem for the growing green technologies and policies.

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