Are game consoles bad for the environment?



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    Game consoles are estimated to cost 1 billion dollars in electricity each year, so the production of this electricity is bad for the environment, but depends on where each console is being played. Some types of electricity production are better for the environment than others. But the main problem with consoles are the presence of toxic chemicals like BFR’s (Brominated Flame Retardants) and PVC. These have been found in all the major gaming consoles like playstation, xbox and nitendo. They are hazardous to health and the environment. 

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    One of the major environmental effects of game consoles come from the disposal of these systems.  Now that technology is increasing at fastest speed it has in history, game consoles are becoming outdated every few years.  People love to keep up with the newest, fastest games in the industry and dispose of their old consoles on a regular basis.  This waste along with the onslaught of other electronic waste is fast becoming one of the major hazard to our environment especially in countries like China and Ghana where e-waste is accumulated on a regular basis.

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