Are fumes bad for the environment?



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    Fumes as are generally considered harmful and can be bad for the environment.  Fumes from burning plastic and tires are such fumes.

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    One of the most type of harmful fumes are those from cars. Carbon dioxide within the fumes are bad for the atmosphere due to the fact that its a green house gas. Carbon monoxide is also released from car fumes which is poisonous to humans in large concentrations. 

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    Fumes can definitely harm the environment in negative ways. Fumes coming out of your car not only lead to pollution and global warming, but may also cause an increase in lightning strikes for miles around. The carbon dioxide released from gas increasing the total volume of greenhouse gases. This increases the average earth temperature artificially by humans  which can be very detrimental to the environment. An increase in green house gases can lead to an increase in the frequency and intensity of hurricanes. Hotter ocean water causes more powerful hurricanes to form as more energy is available during the birth of hurricanes. 

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