Are fuel cell vehicles better than electric cars?



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    Which is better environmentally really depends on the source of electricity both kinds of cars require.  But neither of them will be better if no one is buying them, so which one will become more mainstream, affordable, and convenient to deter more people from buying combustion engine cars, is the better car, as both are much greener than standard combustion engine cars.

    As it stands, both hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles require electricity.  Fuel cells need a source of hydrogen, often obtained by using electricity.  EVs have a battery that needs recharging.  Most sources of electricity are from coal-fired power plants that generate an appalling amount of pollutants in the atmosphere.  The real challenge as we move to more sustainable cars is alternative sources like solar or wind power.  So even though both cars have zero emission, the energy required needs to change to be truly green. 

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