Are front loader washing machines better for the environment?



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    Yes; they require less water, hold larger loads and save energy in reduced water heating. Front-load washers usually require up to 68% less electricity to heat the water, resulting in more energy savings. Although they can be expensive ($300-$400 more than top-loaders), front-loaders not only help the environment, but save money in energy costs over time.

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    Front-loader washing machines are more efficient for several reasons. They require one third of the water a top loading machine does because of the position of the drum- in a front-loader, the drum is horizontal, so gravity is used to drop clothes back into the water. Front-loaders have no agitator, so there is more room for clothes, meaning fewer loads. The spin mechanism can reach up to 1,000 rpm compared to a top-loader’s 650 rpm, so less water is left in the laundry.

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