Are folding bikes losing their popularity?



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    Actually, no.  Folding bikes are still gaining popularity because of their ability to be folded and stored in relatively small spaces like under a desk or in a closet.  They can also be carried on subways, trains, or buses and fit easily in cars.  As “going green” becomes increasingly more trendy and staying fit remains important, you can expect folding bikes to continue to be manufactured and used.

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    To the contrary, there are more folding bikes on the market every year.  As airlines raise there fares for baggage cyclist who want to ride on distant vacations and long business trips are turning to folding bikes.  There is also a market for urban commuters who incorporate mass transit into their commutes but find that a bicycle helps them get from door-to-door.  Boat owners who leave aboard are also said to be strong consumers of folding bikes.

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