Are the foam-core boards used in Science Fairs biodegradable? What is their landfill impact?

Schools are the most hypocritical when it comes to Earth Day. They demand myriad special notebooks, paper, color-printed materials, countless paper, card stock, poster board, glue, cardboard, and printer paper projects. They all end up in the trash. And every year, we are forced to buy huge foam core, tri-fold boards for the Science Fair, which also end up in the trash. REGULAR TRASH. Not recycled. Earth Day is coming up, and ironically, they have assigned another wasteful project. I need stats to back up my suspicion that schools are some of the worst places for paper waste.



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    Inside the foamboard is usually styrofoam, which is not biodegradable. It is number 6 on it’s resin identification code (that chasing arrows recycling logo), which may or may not be accepted for recycling in your community. You’d have to figure your own town’s policy on that, though generally, recycling it is rare and programs are ineffective.

    Styrofoam takes up about 25-30 percent of the space in landfills. Although efforts have been made to make it less destructive, it is a known contributor of ozone damage, and animals who scavenge in landfills for food can end up choking on styrofoam.

    Sucks to hear about your school. Come to think of it, mine was exactly the same way.

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