are flat irons a bad way to do your hair for the environment?



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    Not necessiarily. Like all products it is better to invest in a quality one so you don’t have to replace it every 6 months when it breaks down. They are however made of plastic and typically coated with teflon to make them non-stick so remember to shop carefully, there is potentially a “green” one out there somewhere. It also takes energy, don’t forget to unplug it when not in use.

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    Yeah, I mean, I like everything that greenjellybelly said about this question, but the most important thing is the last sentence, which was sort of glossed over (in my opinion). A flat-iron is a device which uses energy to make hair straight. But why do we need to make hair straight? Is it a necessity? Unfortunately it is a style thing and so people think they have to keep up a certain “look” but in reality it doesn’t make you any better of a person to have perfectly straight “Jenn-Ann” hair… and it sorta makes you a waster of resources. And don’t get me wrong… I waste electricity just like the next guy… I just want to point out the fact that if there is a way to do it without using electricity, then this is the greenest and most environmentally friendly way to do it… Just like using a regular toothbrush as opposed to an electric one… why waste the electricity? Ease, convenience, and in this case beauty. But I dunno… it’s probably nothing if you were to compare it to, say, using a car… just wanted to make you think about it! Do we really need it? If we do, is there any way we can do it without having to use electricity!?

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