Are fixed-gear bikes safe to use in traffic?



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    It depends on your personal comfort with bicycle-riding, and with fixed-gear models in general. Fixed-gear bikes usually lack brakes, so the only way to stop one is to back pedal or stop the bike physically with your feet. This can be tricky for anyone not technically skilled with a bicycle, and especially in stop-go-stop-go city traffic, it can result in more accidents due to the bicyclist being unable to stop in time to avoid smacking into a vehicle or pedestrian.

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    If you are going to use a fixed-gear bike in traffic, take it very slow until you are completely comfortable with the bike.  Many fixed-gear bikes have a front brake, which can be used for slowing down in emergencies (or any time, really), but as you grow more comfortable with the fixed-gear, you will notice that you won’t need the brake as much, as you will become more aware of your surroundings, learning how to predict what will happen with traffic in front of you.  Many fixed-gear riders talk about a “flow” that you find in riding a fixed-gear in traffic, that is impossible to get using brakes.  But even these riders need to be experts in “skip-stopping” and skidding.  In any case, I wouldn’t recommend riding a fixie in traffic without a brake — even if you’re not planning to use it.

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