Are fireworks bad enough for the environment that we should ban them?



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    I’ve done some serious thinking on this topic, and my final conclusion was: Yes, when the time is right! I liked in the 2008 Summer Olympics they had some audio-visual demonstrations of fireworks and that was pretty much just as cool to me (and probably left way less of a carbon footprint upon the Earth)… others might agree and say that I am being “un-American” for saying that we should ever get rid of our great tradition of blowing stuff up in the air to celebrate our independence. But I ask this, “Are we truly independent? Or are we all on this global sphere which binds us to every other living thing on this planet?” And if the answer is yes, we are somehow dependent and tied to the rest of the world — and our future wellbeing is going to depend on their future wellbeing also, a global community perhaps — wouldn’t it be better to stop polluting for unnecessary reasons? Or at least begin to cut back? 

    If I wrote all the laws I would enact a policy that says for the next 10 years everything can happen exactly the way it has happened before (unlimited, no restraints on how many fireworks and what types can be exploded during a fireworks display)…. and every year after that we will have to cut down on our overall use of fireworks by 5 or 10 percent per year (let the majority decide the exact figure) until there reaches a point (say 25 – 50 years from now) when these unnecessary and CO2 / sulfur dioxide emitting devices (which are really small, weak BOMBS) will be banned altogether! The point is they do have a negative impact on the environment, they do create unnecessary pollution / heat — so therefore, eventually we are going to have to wise up to the facts (science and observation have proved that climate change is real)… and the best thing we could do would be to cut out any unnecessary addition of Greenhouse Gases and Solid Matter Particulates, which fireworks (and all explosives) do give off! (also, incidently, I’d enact a law which would be very similar to this one; the purpose of which would be to cut down on the length of NASCAR events and other motor sporting race-type events — maybe after 5 years start knocking off 5 laps a year until the sport eventually is a thing of the past — and when that day comes we’ll all race eco-friendly, sustainable, solar/ biomechanical powered cars!)

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